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Good Craic

Well, I have been in Ireland a little over a week, and it has been AWESOME (such an American term, I know). I flew into Dublin on Sunday the 17th, and met up with the program I was traveling with (IFSA-Butler). We spent a few days in Dublin, learning about Ireland, and seeing the sights (Guinness factory!). It was great to see Dublin, and to meet a lot of people before heading to the university. It was nice being able to go to Limerick and know you will know people there.
While in Dublin, my group caused a bit of a stir at the Guinness factory. None of us really liked Guinness, so we put our full glasses back on the bar table. The bartender gave us the worst look, as if he was thinking “who on earth would not drink their full pint of Guinness?!”.
On Wednesday we drove down to the University of Limerick. I absolutly LOVE the campus. It is set up like American schools (a real campus), as opposed to the rest of the Irish Universities, which are spread out over the city. My dorm is amazing. I have my own room, with a huge desk, a full size bed, and MY OWN BATHROOM!!! Needless to say, I was very happy to discover this. I got lucky and was put in the best dorm! I share a living room and kitched with 5 other people (all Irish), who are very nice. I have spent many a evening watching Friends with them in the living room.
I have just finished the first week of classes, and so far I like them. I am taking Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Irish Language, Irish Music and Dance, and Renaissance Literature. In Irish Music I am going to learn how to play the bodhran, the Irish drum! I am really looking forward to that.
Today I am heading out to Limerick city to explore with some fellow IFSA students. There are a couple of free museum we are going to check out. Then tonight we may head out to the pub (there is one on campus called Stables).

By the way, Craic is the Irish word for fun. Hopefully today will be full of lots of Craic!


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