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Top 5 Study Spaces in Oxford


5. The first floor of The Radcliffe Camera is very spacious and atmospheric.


4. Red dim lights of The Old Library at Worcester College create an intimate atmosphere during evening hours.


3. Studying in The Radcliffe Camera is great, but being able to see it from the outside while is even greater. The main building of Bodleian Library has rooms with gorgeous views of The Camera.


2. When the weather is nice, the area around the pond at Worcester College turns into a beautiful place to study, whether it is a bench overseeing the water or the apple garden right next to it.


1. The Common Room in the Mathematical Institute has a great view of Radcliffe Observatory. Although the access is limited to people who work in the building, piggybacking is always an option. The kitchen with cups, hot water, sugar, tea, and instant coffee is at your disposal. Every weekday at 11am and 3pm they serve brewed coffee and biscuits.



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