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A Day in My Life

On my blog, I have often highlighted exciting trips or fun moments from Mendoza. So I thought that this week I would switch it up a bit. Here’s how a typical Monday (October 24th) in Mendoza goes for me:

8:50am – Wake up. I tried to get up a little earlier this morning because I thought that I needed to put more minutes on my Argentine phone. I tried two stores with no success, but then realized that I didn’t actually need to call anyone (email did the trick).

9:30am – Arrive at the gym. I belong to a gym called Gimnasio Griego. Overall, I really like it. But the whole experience is also kind of funny because they play lots of throwback music in English (Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, anyone?), as well as show random things on the TV such as skateboarding documentaries and a full concert DVD of Pink’s Australian tour.

10:50am – Charge Red Bus card. In order to take the bus in Mendoza, you need to have a Red Bus card. And I was out of money on mine, so a pretty self-explanatory stop.

11:00am – Make oatmeal. Most Argentines eat bread or cookies for breakfast. But pretty soon after I arrived in Mendoza, I discovered instant oatmeal in my host family’s kitchen. I haven’t looked back. Although I wish I had cinnamon and peanut butter (they’re scarce here), I have been mixing up the toppings with combos of apples, bananas, honey, raisins, chia seeds and sometimes a crumbled cookie if I’m feeling adventurous.

12:10pm – Spanish class. I have Spanish class every Monday and Wednesday with most of the other students on my program. Class is supposed to start at 12:10, but (in typical Argentine fashion) usually does not get rolling until about 12:30.

2:30pm – Eat lunch. After class, I walk back to my house to eat. The meals vary, but today I had fried fish with salad and some wheat bread with avocado.

4:00pm – Head back to class. After lunch, I usually take a quick siesta and then start heading to my class that starts at 5pm. The walk takes about 35 minutes. During this time, I have taken to listening to podcasts (*classic liberal arts student alert*). Today was a bit rainy and cold, though, so I took the bus instead.

4:20pm – Print class readings. Unlike at Macalester, printing in Argentina is not free. In fact, printing in general is a step or two behind printing in the US. For example, today I needed to print a reading for my literature class. I approached the counter of the fotocopiadora, which features old Windows desktop computers and handed the student worker my flash drive (which I almost never use in the US, but here it’s a necessity). The girl printed what I needed, counted the pages by hand to see how much I owed, and then gave me back my flashdrive. A side note – Argentines almost never staple their papers together, so I just carry around sheets and sheets of loose pages.

5:00pm – Literature class. This class is a contradiction for me. On the one hand, all of my classmates and the professor have been super nice and welcoming. On the other, the class is four hours long. Today was spent trying to stay awake during a 45-minute video of Julio Cortázar and attempting to decipher Jorge Luis Borges’ texts.

8:30pm – Class lets out early! After class, I head to the bus stop. Today was a good day because some of the cool kids from my class wanted to talk to me. We had an interesting conversation about politics; they tried to explain peronismo to me, and I tried to explain Hillary Clinton to them. They also got a kick out of me pronouncing Hillary Clinton’s name in my American accent.

9:15pm – Arrive home and eat dinner. Tonight was pasta with broccoli.

10:45pm – Metamucil and chill. Argentina has not been kind to my digestive system, so I have started taking Metamucil (a fiber supplement) almost every night. Afterwards, I spent a little bit of time on my computer doing a combination of homework and watching videos. Then, I went to bed!


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