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The Top 5

Well, campus here is officially in study mode.  Everyone is locked in the library or another study space for hours on end.  Most of the finals count for like 50% of your grade so it’s pretty important to do well on them.  Just as important studying is, I want to make sure I’m soaking in my last few weeks in New Zealand.  Last week, I visited Mount Cook/Aoraki and hiked the Kepler Track.  These definitely cracked the top 5  NZ experiences so far and I definitely recommend making trips to both.  It’s kind of weird writing this post because I think it’s my last one…?  I feel like I should be reflective and get all sobby about leaving NZ  in a few weeks.  But I’m not going to do that.  I’ll just give 5 pieces of advice for those lucky enough to enjoy this country next.

  1.  Aioli makes everything better – What is Aioli, you ask?  Pretty much garlic mayonnaise and let me tell you, this is a gift from God.  That thing goes with sandwiches, cheeseburgers, chips (fries), etc. Definitely going to look into getting some back in the States.
  2. Be Open Minded – I considered myself a pretty open minded person before I came and I think that served me well in coming here.  Try new things, get outside your comfort zone.  It’s strange at first, but it may be one of the cooler things you do in NZ.
  3. Get Outside – That’s almost a given.  New Zealand scenery is by far the most beautiful nature I’ve ever seen in my whole life.  Even the views from the road will take your breath away.  Nothing is more picturesque than a million sheep grazing in a green field with snow-capped mountains as the backdrop.
  4. Road Trip – One of my best memories is spending a week in a campervan touring the North Island with friends.  Sharing a living space as small as a van teaches you a lot about what you need and don’t need.  It also shows you really don’t have to shower that often!  You learn a lot about yourself and also about the other people you are “vanning” with.  Also, you get to see some of the sickest things in the country.
  5. Positivity is Key – Alright, a little deep on this one, I’m sorry.  But this is probably the number one thing I’ve learned while being in New Zealand.  As great of a country it is, you’ll go through some rough times.  Everyone does, it’s just part of it.  There are some things you can’t control, but you can always control your mindset.  Being positive will help you get through anything and once you do overcome it, you’ll be a better person.


So I think that’s a wrap.  If not, I’ll write another one and be back at it with something else to say.

Cheers to you, New Zealand and all that you have taught me over the past 5 months.


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