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Food Update: Chilean Must-Have’s

When you come to Chile, there are typical Chilean dishes that you absolutely have to try. While I haven’t covered all of the bases yet, here is a list of some of my favorites so far:

(We can skip empanadas because that’s pretty much a given!)

Pisco Sour- One of my favorite alcoholic beverages. (PSA: The drinking age is 18 in Chile but remember to drink responsibly). It’s considered the national drink and is made of pisco, a type of liquor, citrus, and sugar. If you love sweet tarts, you’ll love this.

Pastel de choclo- Think chicken pot pie, but way better! Inside there is beef, chicken, and vegetables, but the top is covered with a sweet and scrumptious corn paste.

Sopapillas- Little fried pillows of fried dough, these savory little treats are great for an afternoon pick me up while on the San Joaquin campus of U Católica. At only 150 pesos, they cost less than 25 cents! My friends love these ones. While I like them, I prefer those of my host family’s nanny. Homemade is almost always better.

Mote con huesillo- A light dessert, this dish is sold all around Plaza de Armas, but it is easy to find a little cart that sells them all over Chile. It is a sweet drink filled with wheat grains and rehydrated dried peaches.

Completos- One of my favorites! It’s like a hot dog, but way better. (See my previous blogs for more detail). My favorite is the Italiano, with green avocado, red tomato, and white mayonnaise. They call it Italiano because those colors are the same as the Italian flag. Clever, huh?

More to come!


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