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San Pedro de Atacama secaaaa

A couple of weeks ago, the IFSA crew and I took a trip to San Pedro de Atacama, the northern part of Chile and very very very very dry. Way much drier than Santiago and that’s seriously saying something. While there, we had an incredible experience but it was filled with lots of trekking and athletic adventures. The first day we toured the Valle de la Luna and got the chance to run barefoot down a sand mountain structure while observing the salty tops of the other valle. When we got to the end, we were all out of breath and laughing about how much fun we had experienced. A little while later, a couple of us went out into the center to explore the town of Atacama and found a cute little restaurant with live music. We shared a plate a fries with fried eggs and sausages and of course a couple of Chilean drinks. It was an amazing start to an amazing adventure.


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