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Dieciocho Chilean style!!! Tiki tiki tiiiiii

For my first (but hopefully not last Dieciocho) I was invited to a dieciocho familiar with one of my friends I made in a class. It was a little bit to the south of Chile in an old, traditional house with connecting rooms, space for a farm and a separate area for asados. The first night we hung out by the asado area and enjoyed the infamous piscolasĀ and a drink whose name I can’t remember that was a combination of orange Fanta soda and beer (sounds disgusting but it was so good). We settled into our rooms at around 1AM to prepare for the next day filled with more asados and a local fondo where I had the best terremoto of my life. The next day we woke up at around 10:30AM and had a small breakfast but the asado was the best thing of my LIFE! There was an old family friend to help with meals and cooking because there were about 40 of us staying in the house and she made salad along with empanadas while the guys in the group slow cooked slabs of meat for us to eat in little pieces. Everything was so relaxed and I really felt that we got to learn more about Chile and its social customs during this time. Plus, the fondo allowed us to have a glimpse into the life of a rural Chilean lifestyle.


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