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4 Things to Do on an Oxford’s Saturday

  1. Wake up and take a walk along the Oxford Canal, taking a cup of hot tea and a sandwich with you.



2. Take an Oxford Tube and get to Tate Modern in London – super easy with buses running between the two cities every 15 minutes and reaching the destination in less than 2 hours. Return trip for 12 pounds and free admission to the museum makes it cheaper than visiting MOMA!


3. Enjoy the 5 floors of contemporary art from all over the world.


4. Appreciate minimalism in all its glory.


5. Walk all the way up to the 10th floor see a great view of London, for free!



6. Return to Oxford and cycle to the Missing Bean Coffee Roastery for coffee tasting.


6. And finish the day drinking a pint of Guinness at your favo(u)rite pub with your best friends!


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