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The Last Wisps of Beauty

It’s unbelievable to me that I leave in four days. This semester has gone by in a flash and yet, at the same time, it has taken eternities. Now, with so little time left, I am filled with both excitement and sadness. During my exam period, I was lucky enough to travel around the South Island and see the most incredible¬†places. However, it was also during this time that I began to do some more exploring of¬†Dunedin. Within the last few weeks, I have spent more time in the “Botans” (Dunedin Botanic Gardens) than I did all semester. I let myself get lost among the flowers, trees, and birds. As it is (finally) spring, the flowers are in full bloom and are stunningly beautiful. I can’t help but occasionally take a moment to close my eyes, hear the sounds of the birds and smell the sweet life of the plants around me. These little things are filled with just as much beauty as the grand glaciers and crystal lakes.

If there is one thing New Zealand has taught me, it is that there is beauty everywhere, in everything. Sometimes you just have to search a bit harder to find it.

sealy-tarns-pano-mb The panoramic view from Sealy Tarns in Mount Cook


otago-campus-mb The clocktower in the middle of the University of Otago campus


molly-far-shot-lake-pukaki A photo of me sitting on the edge of Lake Pukaki


kepler-mb A view from the Kepler Track (Day 2)


dunedin-botanic-gardens One of the many shots I took at the Botans the other day


drive-to-mt-cook-mb We stopped on the side of the road, while on the way to Mt Cook. This is what we found.


ben-lomond-mb View from Ben Lomond Hike in Queenstown

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