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Peace out Peru…It’s been real nice experiencing you!

img_8703 Picture taken at Machu Picchu

Bags are over packed (mostly from souvenirs) and I’m anxiously waiting to board the plane in a few hours to head back to the U.S. It’ll be 6 months since I’ve been home, and even though half a year has gone by, it definitely doesn’t feel that way. Crazy isn’t it?

So now what? What do I have to say? Not going to lie, this last blog post is a bit bitter sweet for obvious reasons. It’s bitter because I am saying goodbye to a wonderful country. Peru has taught me a couple of things 1) don’t get into sketchy taxis, 2) eat what makes you happy, but exercise as well (your body is a temple after all), 3) life is too short to get upset over things… just go with whatever life throws at you and make the most of it, 4) stay away from strangers, 5) If your study abroad director advises you to do something, like put bug spray, then do it! , 6) Save as much money as you can because you will go souvenir crazy, 7) distance makes the heart grow fonder (ask my boyfriend, He’s been dealing it after 2 years and a half), 8) you’ll do a better job at keeping in touch with people at home (check my snap streaks and you’ll see. haha), 9) you learn to become a more independent individual 10) you become a bit more adventurous (I ate chicken heart, alpaca meat, and cuy (guinea pig) as well as visited cool adventurous places- the Amazon and Machu Picchu) and finally 11) do what makes you completely absolutely happy. And onto the sweet part about leaving, well I bet you could guess it…I really missed my family and friends. After 6 months in Peru, I am ready to get back to my U.S. life. Plus, it’s December! I don’t want to miss on the best season of the year away from everyone I love. I also can’t wait to hand out some of my Peruvian goodies. Believe it or not, I miss the usual American diet. Eating rice and potatoes mostly everyday isn’t the healthiest of things haha. I really miss my vegetables. But all in all, I’d like to sit at the dinner table with the people I love and dig into a cubed steak with mash potatoes and a side of mac and cheese, with a large cup of sweet tea…that’s exactly what I want and yearn for once I’m home. haha

In conclusion, studying abroad is something I highly recommend. You can’t study abroad a semester let alone a year in a different country? Then go have a maymester abroad. Traveling to a different country for whatever amount of time it may be, will do wonders in your life. Getting out in the world and experiencing it is a heck of an awesome way to learn. Besides going to class at a university that was 1 hour away on bus and reading stories or hearing lectures, for me learning how to navigating through different places and learning how to blend in as a local was a great experience for me. I truly submersed myself in Peru, and it was great! I fell in love with Peru so much so that I will someday come back (scouts honor). Here’s to you Peru! Thank you for the many memories, the laughter, the growing up, the eye opening moments, and absolutely everything!


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