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This Post is About Heather Traveling to Edinburgh

Hey readers!

Once I was all settled in to Lancaster
, my American friends who were also studying abroad started thinking about places they wanted to go. First up on our list was Scotland! We just went to Edinburgh for the weekend (Friday day to Sunday night), and it’s possible that we’ll go to Glasgow on a future day trip.

One of the best things about Edinburgh (pronounced like Eddin-burrow, but you should slur that last syllable a bit so it’s not heard) is that it was so European! When I first came to London I was disappointed that it felt so much like New York City. The stores were all chains that we had in America, except for a few little boutiques. The traffic was the same, the crazy street performers, it all felt very familiar.

I hated that! I was here for some culture, dangit, and I did get that a little bit when I came to Lancaster. Going to Edinburgh though, it was so beautiful! Everything was so rich with detail, all of the buildings and the roads, and it was done on a massive scale. I felt like I could take a picture of anything and it would be something to share with my friends at home.

We took a tips-based walking tour around the city so we could hear all the back-stories to the big touristy attractions, and I totally recommend that to anyone going to a big city.

Last tip, bring extra cold-weather gear if you’re going in the middle of winter. I felt like I wouldn’t be warm ever again by the time we got on the train back to Lancaster.

Anyway, here are a few pictures!

The Edinburgh castle is behind us:
Castle behind J, K, and Me

Jo Rowling walked through Greyfriar Kirkyard looking for inspiration and names:
Tom Riddle's tombstone

New School Edinburgh:

The Scott Memorial:

Looking down into New Edinburgh:

Old royal living quarters in the castle:



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2 Responses to “This Post is About Heather Traveling to Edinburgh”

  1. Thom Thomas Wright Says:

    Hey, It’s Thom, the blogger for Scotland! (Though I haven’t blogged much, family issues have put me home for a while.) I’m totally disappointed you didn’t hit me up when you came to Edinburgh! My flatmates and I make wonderful tour guides, we’re told. Also, if you didn’t have it, free housing. (Although, for the rest of the semester we do have a friend I made from Sweden who is sleeping in our hallway closet, that way he doesn’t have to pay for a hostel and he can stay in ‘Embra.) Nice thing about the slurring, but it’s really more of a quickly rolled-r into an -a… Edinbrra. Just don’t say “Eddin-burggg” and you’re fine, anyway. Regardless, so sad you didn’t visit! Wanker! =P

  2. Thom Thomas Wright Says:

    Oh, and a side note: it’s not cold here that much. You must’ve been unlucky on your visit. The weather is sporadic, but it doesn’t get any colder than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, except on rare occasions. It’s too bad it was cold when you visited. =/ Just to be clear how much the weather changes, though: on Friday, it rained, hailed, and then snowed. All before 2pm. Then I walked to class at 2, and it was really hot. (I went in a t-shirt.) Then I walked back and it was still really hot. Then I went to dinner and it was snowing again. When I left dinner, the sun had just gone down and it as raining. A few hours later, it snowed again. Since Friday, the weather has been over 39 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s CRAZY!

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