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The End

Here it is December 5th.  I just got back into the States a week ago today and I can not believe it is already over.  Since being home I’ve seen family and friends and they all ask me that one simple question, “How was it?”  I wish the answer was as simple as the question.  My common response is how unreal it was and what a beautiful country New Zealand is.   However, that doesn’t seem to do it justice.  Living abroad was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  All the good times, tough times, and everything in between ultimately made me so happy to have had that experience.  Being abroad for five months teaches you a lot about the country and yourself.  I have gained a new perspective, made new friends, and have found a new home in the world, despite it being thousands of miles away.  I plan on going back to New Zealand at some point; I definitely want to see it in their summer time.  (It was tease leaving when it started to get really warm out and then coming back to the Northeast where there is snow on the ground this morning.)  But, if I never do make it back to NZ, I’m satisfied with my time there and what that time meant.  If anyone is reading this on the fence about studying abroad, the least you can do is just submit an application.  Go through the process, look more into your country, talk to people who went.  Prepare as much as you can, but remember there’s only so much you can prepare for.  It will be new and maybe uncomfortable at times, but that’s part of the experience.  Don’t rule out study abroad without giving it some serious thought, because looking back, I definitely would have regretted not going.


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