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Basically Antartica

The last week before going home, a few friends and I made a trip to the wondrous Patagonia and flew into Punta Arenas, Chile. Despite Santiago having temperatures an upwards of 25 degrees Celsius, the weather in the south of the world seemed like a breezy North Eastern fall. Days were long, like really long. And the nights were very cold.


We stayed at a cute hostel, Domos Hostel, and were so impressed by the cute little town and all it had to offer. Unlike other parts of rural Chile, it was evident that this town had been marked and shaped for tourism. In the center, there was a concentration of vegan and vegetarian restaurants with posh layouts. Our hostel had three types of Wifi, one for the office, one for breakfast and one for just the regular dome rooms. Taxis ran frequently and there were tour guide businesses on basically every corner.

I fell in love with the town of Puerto Natales, a perfect destination spot to spend for the down time when/if you decide to hike to the Base del Torres or hiking the W trail. Many people in the town were very friendly but just like other Chilean towns, businesses closed at irregular hours and were hard to find online, most people knew where to go/what to do by word of mouth.


With my friends, we found two great places to eat that I’ll never forget. One was called the Big Table where we all ate together with strangers. Another was a pizza place where my friend got a egg on top of her pizza. It was no Papa Johns but that was some of the best pizza I had ever had in my whole 5 months in Chile. If anyone’s looking for places to go while in Chile- visit Puerto Natales and explore with friends!


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