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Country roads… take me home

One of the final IFSA Butler events was the Despedida Cena where the students and the director and her assistant were all invited to share a meal and thoughts for one final last time.


I don’t remember much of the food except for starving it all down because I was so hungry but I remember there being a lot of emotion and anxiousness about what was to be expected of us when we returned back to our ‘old lives’ in the United States. However, after spending 5 months traveling, getting to know other people from different parts of Latin America and the world in general and speaking in a non-native language, there was no ‘normal life’ to return to.


After saying goodbye to my professors, we all went out for a final time to Miercoles Po, the local party spot for gringos who don’t want to pay a cover fee. We danced our hearts out and had our last good time together. It was a great way to say thanks and adios to a place that served as our literal homes for the past 5 months.


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