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Reflecting from Home

After almost 5 months I’m finally home. When I’m asked how my experience in Argentina was, I immediately respond “AMAZING!!” and start telling stories. However, when I’m asked how it feels to be home, my response is “it’s kinda weird actually”. It was weird walking through the Denver airport and seeing all the signs written in English, and being able to understand every conversation that’s going on around me. It was weird walking into my house and sleeping in my old bed. The normality of home makes it seem as if the whole thing was just a dream.

I’m sure this feeling will pass, just as the culture shock when I arrived in Argentina passed. It feels so good to have the comforts of home again, but it’s hard to leave such a beautiful culture and place and it’s incredible people behind. As I tell my family and friends my stories, I already miss what my life was like in Buenos Aires. I now truly know what the term “once in a lifetimes experience” feels like, and I’m not quite ready for that experience to end.

As I sit at home with my dog, who I probably missed more than anyone, I can’t help but keep looking at all the photos from my trip and smiling. I’ve posted five photos from totally different experiences throughout the semester that all bring me happiness: getting to take touristy pictures in front of the BA sign when my brother visited, kayaking the Tigre river, tickets to an outdoor concert, studying with the help of a furry friend, and watching the sun set behind the Argentine flag. The photos and stories that go along with themĀ are all that I have now that I’m back home, and it’s so important to me to not let the memories fade.

I’m very thankful that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do this. It was daunting at first but SO worth it in the end.




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