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Christmas Markets!

A couple friends and I set off to see some European Christmas markets (while studying for finals of course) stopping in both Budapest and Copenhagen.

A beautiful Christmas market located in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest, Hungary. It was an incredible sight with the lights and decorations everywhere.


This is a famous “Kürtőskalács”(try saying that 10 times fast)  translated as chimney cake. It is basically sweet dough that was wrapped around a wooden cylinder and baked. Then inside of the cake there is a type of mousse. This is all topped with whipped cream (because everyone needs more sugar) and decorations on top. If you are ever in Budapest around Christmastime you have to try one.


This means Merry Christmas in Hungarian. I thought the little Santa decorated wooden stumps were cute.


Next stop was Copenhagen. This is the famous Tivoli Gardens which is an amusement park located in Copenhagen that has a small Christmas market as well. We were standing outside trying to decide if we wanted to go in and this woman came up to us and offered us free tickets! We were in shock. Apparently, her family could not go in and she didn’t want the tickets to go to waste (these tickets were about $15 a person). It was truly one of the nicest things someone has done for me in a long time and we will definitely have to pay it forward.


There were little Christmas markets sprinkled throughout Copenhagen, like this one, each with their own special flair.


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