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After officially being home for two weeks, I decided that it was time to write my final blog about coming home. There were many things I missed while I was abroad. The number one thing, of course, was my family. Christmas was even sweeter, especially after missing Thanksgiving. Funnily enough, the second was Dunkin Donuts iced coffee! During customs and baggage claim, I was lucky (and spoiled) enough to have my parents get me my normal Medium Iced Coffee with Caramel Swirl and Cream from the Dunkin at JFK. Thirdly, I’ve missed my friends. Many of them I kept in constant contact with during my semester away but others it had been awhile since we had talked. Either way, we fell back together like we always do and it was comforting.

After Christmas, I quickly dove into an internship with District Attorney’s Office of Jefferson County. I am so busy that I have barely had time to think, which has been great. However, I have a feeling that when I return to Colgate University in two weeks, I will pine for the freedom and novelty of my semester abroad. Additionally, I made incredible friends who I will keep in contact with undoubtedly.

Time abroad afforded me a chance to switch up my routine, to learn in a different environment, and to challenge myself. Many people think that abroad is a chance to “find yourself” but I don’t think this was the case. After separating myself from home, I feel connected to my roots now more than ever. I exposed myself to new places and ideas these past four months, but this has shown me how my experiences connect to others rather than expose a different “me”. I was built by my family, friends, and the structures around me for the past twenty years. Four months abroad did not alter this, but rather clarified my perception of my place in the world. I learned that I am me no matter where I am in the world, that I can’t run away from problems that trouble me at home, that I am capable of adapting to change, and that I will always¬†find comfort in those who have loved and supported me growing up.


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