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The Less You Look, The More You Find

If there is anything I’ve learned from Costa Rica thus far it is that, as the title states, the less you look, the more you find. This gorgeous rainbow was spotted on a walk in Monteverde. On many other occasions since being here I’ve seen nature’s beauty when I least anticipated it. One example is when I saw a troop of white-faced monkeys while on a walk back from a waterfall or a Basilisk (also known as a Jesus Lizard) while looking for the source of water from the pool I was in. Moving forward I suppose I should expect the unexpected.


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2 Responses to “The Less You Look, The More You Find”

  1. Nancy Macias-Smith Says:

    Que tengas una hermosa experiencia.

  2. Greg Smith Says:

    Great picture. Really like how the colors on the posts and house play against the rainbow in the background. Keep them coming :-)

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