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Glasgow Makes Grocery Shopping Exciting: My Walk to Tesco

Anyone who has studied in Great Britain knows how central Tesco, a popular supermarket chain, is to everyday life. With decent prices and locations at what seems like every corner, it is every university students go-to. I pass two on my walk home from the University of Glasgow and I usually stop in every day to pick up whatever I need for that night’s dinner. However, the smaller Tesco Metros don’t always have the selection I need, so I make the 10 minute trek to the huge Tesco nearby.  To get there, I walk along a beautiful tree and apartment-lined canal, which makes every trip special.


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Right before crossing the street to what us IFSA kids have dubbed "the Big Tesco," there is a pub called the Viking, where locals can be found socializing at all hours. The classic red color is typical of many pubs in the U.K. but the even more colorful are the patrons.


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