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Argyll Forest Weekend

For the first ifsa-butler trip we visited the Argyll Forest! We left University of Stirling at 2:00pm and then headed out to pick up Glasgow students! After we picked them up we drove to the coast and then took a ferry across the water! It was crazy that the coach bus fit on the ferry! I had never been on a ferry that was able to hold an entire bus so it was an interesting experience for me! Once we made it to dry land again we had to drive to the hostel that we were staying at. It looked more like a castle than a hostel! Finally, we were able to unpack our things and get settled in our bunk beds. We proceeded to have dinner and then went on a night hike! The night hike was interesting because it was so dark so you didn’t even really know who was next to you! It was nice to be outside in pitch black and have to experience through senses other than sight! I was very happy that I brought my rain boots on this journey because most paths were pretty muddy. After a long day of travel I laid down to sleep! The next day would be action packed!

On Saturday, I had two half day activities. In the morning I did a high ropes course! This was the activity I was most excited for since I’d never really done something like that! I really enjoy doing safe but, adventurous activities! I knew that I was totally safe because I was strapped in a harness but, there’s still a sense of risk! We started on a low ropes course. These were only about a couple inches off the ground. My favorite part was when the whole group had to do every part of the ropes course together! It was a great team building activity! I really want to become a marriage counselor and during the team building I was thinking it was would be great marriage counseling! A couple would have to trust each other and communicate in order to get through the course! We then moved onto the high ropes! At first I was a little intimidated but, watching other people made me feel safer! Once I got to the top of the highest rope it was crazy how high off the ground I was! It looks so much higher once you’re up there than it does on the ground. At the same time there was something so peaceful about being up so high! It makes you feel invincible and that you can overcome any struggle! After lunch I went to Loch Eck and canoed! The loch was in a little valley and was surrounded by mountains. The fog happened to fall perfectly on the mountains and the scene was gorgeous! It was the perfect way to end the day!

Sunday we packed up everything and headed out to Stirling. Although I had a great weekend I was happy to be back with my flatmates and at Stirling! It was also nice to be back in my own bed! Overall, it was nice to get away and see a change of scenery!


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