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Adventure in the Argyll Forest with IFSA Scotland

Our first big excursion organized by IFSA was to the Argyll Forest, one of the oldest national parks in Scotland. We left on a Friday afternoon by taking a private bus into the highlands, including a ferry ride over the Holy Loch from the town of Gourock to Dunoon, our destination. According to our driver, we were accompanied by dolphins on the ferry ride back, but none of us could spot them.

Once arriving at our home for the weekend, the Benmore Nature Education Center, we met IFSA students from the other Scottish universities (Edinburgh, St. Andrews, and Stirling) for the first time. We spent Friday night exploring the impressive nature surrounding us through an exhilarating night hike through the gardens in the pitch dark with no “torches” (flashlights) to guide us.

The following pictures are from Saturday, which left us sore from all the activity, but happy to have discovered the beautiful nature of our host country.

Benmore Centre

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We stayed in this old house, once the estate of a sugar plantation millionaire and now a nature education center. It's surrounded by a botanic garden/arboretum filled with California redwoods and Chilean monkey puzzle trees. It was the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow.


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