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Halfway Point

The middle of March was the halfway point of my program and my time abroad! It’s a bitter sweet moment. I think about how I’ve had such a great time here and how I’ve made such wonderful friends but, I do miss things about home.

So far I’ve experienced wonderful things in Scotland! I’m so happy that I chose the University of Stirling for so many reasons. The campus is really great and the scenery is beautiful! My favorite thing about Stirling is how the campus is removed from the city. I like that it feels secluded. The campus really is it’s own little town in a way! My home university is a commuter campus and I live at home, so being able to live on campus has been a great new experience for me. I enjoy being able to cook for myself and having freedom to have my own schedule! I’ve been able to grow in ways that I can’t describe. Having independence abroad has made me feel more like an adult. Before I left, I felt like I was in between an adult and a teenager but, coming to Scotland has made me feel like a capable adult!

I’m so happy that I chose Stirling because of the fabulous people that I’ve met! I’ve made some life-long friends while abroad and for that I wouldn’t change a thing about my journey. Being around such great people has made me feel less homesick. Everybody told me before I left that I would make my forever friends while abroad but, I didn’t believe them. Luckily, those people were right! I believe that the people you’re around truly make or break an experience and since I’ve been in Scotland the people have completely made the experience! There’s not a thing I would change about my adventure in Scotland!

Of course it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. Once I got to the halfway point I started to miss things from back home. The first half of the semester everything was new and exciting. Everyday was a new experience for me. Once things started to slow down I began to miss home. For me home has always been a state of mind rather than a place. The phrase “home is where the heart is” really is how I feel. I moved around a decent amount when I was younger so no one place was really home to me but rather home is a feeling of serenity. My new friends have made Scotland feel more like home but, there’s still something special about where I’m from. As much as my friends have made Scotland home I still miss my family a tremendous amount. Since I didn’t move away for college this is the longest I’ve ever been away from family and it’s an adjustment. Being away from them has been hard but, I know that studying abroad has been worth it.

Overall, Scotland and study abroad have been wonderful! It’s been a roller coaster of emotions but, I’ve definitely had more highs than lows! Studying abroad is an opportunity that everybody should take and I would recommend it to anybody! Of course you’re going to miss your family and your home but it’s a decision that you’ll never regret!


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