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UK Travels

During the month of April I went to England and Northern Ireland. My first stop was London, England. I was meeting a friend who’s also studying abroad this semester; the same friend that I traveled to Amsterdam with! London is a very busy city with a lot of people in it! At times it was a little overwhelming. It was nice that the public transportation was so easy though. It was also nice that it runs 24/7! That can be something frustrating about Scotland’s public transportation. Although the public transportation was pretty intense in London, it was relatively easy to navigate! Of course I was with somebody who knew where they were but I think it would have been fine if I wasn’t. On the first night we went to a play! It was called “A Comedy about a Bank Robbery”. It was pretty funny and was about exactly what the title says! The humor was just silly and didn’t require much thought! It was nice to just relax and watch a play for pure entertainment.

The next day we went to Westminster, which is the main tourist site! It was interesting because I had been there about 11 years ago and once I walked off the tube I had this overwhelming sense of nostalgia. I was transported back to my 9 year old self. It was such a wonderful and exciting feeling! I’ve never experienced something like that before. The power of nostalgia was so strong! At this moment I captured a picture of Big Ben, which I’m really proud of! I feel like it came out so well!  bigben My favorite Big Ben picture

londoneye London Eye in the distance

The next two days we visited Camden Town. As mentioned in an earlier blog, I recently wanted the Amy Winehouse documentary. She lived in Camden and walking around the town you could really feel her presence. While I was there it felt just like the documentary. I could see why she chose to live there She was such a strong influence in the music world. I also visited the Camden market! It was quite the experience! There were a lot of people there! It was cool to see all the pop-up shops! Overall I really enjoyed London!

I was in Scotland for three days and then I headed off to Northern Ireland! I was visiting my step-dad’s family for Easter! My mom got married back in June so I hadn’t had a chance to meet my step-dad’s family and coming here was the perfect opportunity! I spent the day in Belfast which is a nice little town for shopping! There’s lots of shopping in a pretty compact area! I also went to the Titanic Museum. Most of the ship was built in Belfast so the museum was focused more on the building rather than the accident. There were a lot of interactive parts but, it was pretty packed so I wasn’t able to use many of them. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any artifacts from the ship! The coolest part was the recreation of the different rooms. The first class was so much better than either second or third class! It made me think about the current class issues in the world. Of course there’s the very wealthy (first class) but there’s also a very large middle class (second class). Unfortunately, there’s still a third class that people don’t like to talk about. Money has become such a definitive way to define somebody’s worth, which is what happened when ship began to sink. I also learned that the man who made the decision to not provide enough lifeboats ended up getting on a lifeboat and was saved. Meanwhile, the captain stayed with the boat while it sank. The different perspectives on what to do in a life or death situation were really interesting. The museum really made me ponder life!  titanic Titanic Museum

Over the next couple days I visited some different sites where the TV show Game of Thrones is filmed. I’m a pretty big fan of the show so it was really fun for me! The show always looks so beautiful! All of the sites looked pretty similar to the way they look in the show! I was so amazed at how green everything really was! I can see why they choose to film there because they don’t have as much editing to do! It’s also nice to see a show that doesn’t solely use green screens and special effects. The places really were gorgeous!  gotgreen Taken at a Game of Thrones filming site

Through my travels around the UK it made me realize that I’m so happy that I chose Scotland. I really love it here and it’s the perfect amount of busy and slow. The pace is really perfect. London was a little too busy for me and Belfast was a little too slow but, Stirling has been exactly what I wanted out of study abroad! Some days I still wake up and I’m amazed that I’m in such a wonderful place!


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