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Life After Abroad

Wow, I never thought this day would come. I was so back-and-forth on going abroad in the first place, I never thought that I would go and miss it so much. The only thing that’s getting me through being back in The States is knowing that I will go back to Ireland one day and show my loved ones around.

Looking back, there were many challenges. Adjusting at the beginning of the semester to a new country, seeing my friends go back to school and having FOMO from parties, figuring my way around a new city, new school, and new grading system, finding a balance between time by myself and with friends (as it was my first time living in an apartment), learning how to cook, the list could go on and on. But the challenges were little speed bumps. They were hard for a day or maybe even a week, but I was over them in no time. I knew how temporary this semester was going to be.

One of the first weeks I sat down and wrote out all of the weekends I had in Ireland. Then I added the two IFSA trips, a few travels of my own, and I realized how short the semester would actually be. Thinking about it being so temporary made missing out on fraternity parties and tailgates much easier – especially when I was traveling around Ireland or the rest of Europe!

I’m home now with ten stamps on my passport, a few more lines on my resume, and most importantly, friendships and memories I will not forget. It was great to be welcomed home by so many friends and family, going to visit my high school, and eat some of my favorite foods, but I will never regret one moment of the last semester. My advice to anyone considering going abroad is to do it, and don’t look back.┬áIt is so temporary, but the memories are not. The travels I had are irreplaceable and so were the days sitting in a coffee shop eating a scone. There is so much of the world out there, and after seeing a little bit of it, I can’t wait to go see more of it!


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