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Road Trip (more UK travels)

My flatmates and I decided to take a little road trip to the northern part of England and Wales! We all really wanted to go to Wales and the only way to do that would be by renting a car and driving down. My flatmate, Julia, graciously offered to drive! She also let us stay at her aunt and uncle’s house! It was such a great opportunity so I couldn’t say no! I really love road trips and I was so happy to be going on one with my friends! We started our 3 hour journey from Glasgow! The drive really wasn’t terrible at all and to our surprise there wasn’t many cars on the road the whole drive. Of course a lot less people live in these areas than most places in the states! After our long trip we made it down to England. The house we stayed in was very quaint and it was along the shore about 10 minutes from Blackpool! We had a lovely home cooked meal and no meal is left without drinks. Without even realizing it I had a whole bottle of prosecco to myself! Luckily, it was over about 6 hours so I felt fine!

The next day we ventured to Liverpool in order to see the Beatles museum! Getting there was easy but parking in Liverpool was atrocious! We drove around the same street several times before we were able to find a parking lot! After the whole parking fiasco we walked up to the street to get to the museum and there was some type of train parade! We had no idea what we just walked into! It wasn’t too hard to navigate through the crowd but it was still strange! We saw a ferris wheel and decided that we wanted to go on it! The top was such a wonderful view of the city! We could really take in all that is Liverpool. Once we got back down to the ground it was time for the Beatles museum! The museum was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. It was one of my favorite things I’ve done this entire semester! It wasn’t set up like a normal museum. It was as if you were walking through their lives. It didn’t contain that many artifacts rather it contained storytelling and recreations of the actual pubs they played in. The audio tour provided most of the information. This is something that I would highly suggest for anybody who goes to the UK! I could really go on and on about the museum but you’ll just have to visit for yourself!  beatlesstory Don’t want to show too much so this is just the entrance!

The next day we took a trip to Wales! We first stopped in a little town called Conwy. This town is called the “walled city” and it was actually surrounded by a wall. This made it very difficult to drive through the town! After another parking fiasco we finally were able to enjoy the town! It was so beautiful and I felt like it was actually greener than Scotland, which I didn’t know was possible! Conwy was a slow paced town but it was perfect in it’s own way. We also went to try and see Snowdonia! Which is a pretty mountain in Wales. Unfortunately, the only way to the top is a pre-booked train or a 3 hour hike. We arrived at the mountain too late to take the hike and we didn’t have tickets in advance but, I got some pretty pictures out of it! Wales was a really cute country but most of the people we saw were over the age of 65. So as one can imagine it’s a pretty slow paced place! It was nice for a weekend getaway though!  snowdon Snowdonia National Park in Wales

Overall I’m so happy that I went to all 4 countries in the UK! It made me feel like I really got to experience many different aspects of the UK and how each country is distinctly different. They really are unique in their own ways!


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