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A Spot of Fun

Well it’s reading week and that means my time of being in British lectures is half way over already. Kind of crazy when you think about it, but it’s true. The third term after Easter break is just exams and finals and since the final for my courses is an essay, a lot of my time seems to be free during that term. I don’t really want to think too far ahead though because the end of term means I’m getting closer to going home and I’m definitely not ready to do that.

Yesterday was Butler’s first Saturday excursion of the semester. We went to Hampton Court Palace and then Windsor. I didn’t go into Windsor palace, but in the few hours we were there, there was plenty to do and see around town. Hampton Court Palace was also pretty interesting. I’ve always been interested in Henry VIII so being able to see some of his rooms and the rooms of the monarchs who took over after his children was pretty cool. Some of the wall paintings were just amazing. And the gardens! Even in winter they were beautiful and I really want to go back in the spring when there are flowers. Windsor was just as fascinating, with old buildings, churches, and the castle. I had a lot of fun, though my feet are killing me. It probably didn’t help that I went exploring around the area where I live today. I should probably give them some rest, but there are so many places I want to go and see while I have the week off.

Not much else is going on right now. I’m still getting to know the area and the people around me while trying to keep up with all my schoolwork so that I have time to have some fun. I may be visiting Italy during Easter break which would be amazing, but we shall see. Until then I hope to just keep enjoying all the wonders of the city and the surrounding area. Cheers!


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