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Final Days

It’s all coming to an end. With less than a week left, I know it will soon be over. I’m currently trying to fit one las trip into my semester by visiting Salta & Jujuy – a beautiful area in the north east of Argentina. I didn’t get to see a whole lot of the country, but I tried to make it to as much as I could and I’m glad I’m making this trip, even if it’s causing me trouble.

It’s not an easy thing to admit, but I am a procrastinator. For various reasons, all my own fault, I put almost everything off until the last minute. Unless you are a super calm person, this is not a position I recommend being in. If you’re interested, here’s a run down of what my finals are like.

Two of my classes are finished. Possibly my favorite class was an overview of Argentine literature with Martin Kohan, a well-known author here. We had studied authors like Borges, Art, Cortázar, and Walsh. I wasn’t super worried about it, but I studied hard and took an exam I felt I did well on. Martin had a very easy way of explaining things and it set me at ease.

My other finished class was Castellano. Everyone is required to take a version of this Spanish grammar class. My class, because I’m in the literature concentration, had a specialization in creative non-fiction writing. Our semester was spent studying grammar concepts like subjunctive and writing reading responses and articles. The final projects though focused on something completely different. We all picked an aspect of Argentine culture that interested us and did a research investigation on the topic. there were two parts to the project: a short paper of 4-5 pages and an oral presentation to two UBA professors. My these was folklore and the peñas here. Peñas are restaurants or bars that have folk music shows. I attended three different shows over the semester and using some articles as back up, I theorized that the peñas are true folklore experiences.

That leaves me with two classes that I still have to finish. One is my IFSA class on Methodologies of literature. I just have one mini essay left and I’m not worried about it. My UBA class though is making me freak out. It was about Argentine Literature from the past 20 years and I have to write eight pages on a novel I think fits well with the curriculum. My idea feels like a good one, but I haven’t nailed down all the specifics yet. I’m a little sad I have to work while exploring, but that’s the price I pay and I need to get this done.

I’m not gonna let this stop me from enjoying my final week here though! Wish me luck and thanks for following along this semester. There’ll be one more post once I’m back about the adjustment to being back home, so look forward to that.

— Lily


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