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1 Week Before Departure

My flight for Buenos Aires is now only 6 days away!  I haven’t even started packing yet, but saying goobyes has already been hard.  I spent my last full weekend in Charlottesville, saying bye to my friends who are back at school.  Saying goodbye for 5 months was a lot harder than I thought…

I will probably end up bringing two checked bags, along with my backpack and tennis bag as carry ons, but we’ll see how the packing goes… (I’ll be flying American Airlines to Miami, before taking the group flight to Argentina, and they charge $25 to check one bag and $35 for the second), so hopefully I’ll be able to cram!  We’ll see though, I always have a hard time packing and take more than I need.

I have already emailed my host mom, and she seems incredibly nice! She replied the next day, and was excited to meet me and calmed some of my worries that I have about the language barrier.  I will be living with Norma, her husband, and their son in an apartment right off of the A-Line (I think it is in the Once neighborhood, but it could also be Almagro–I guess I’ll find out once I arrive and become acquainted with the city).

A few other things that have been on my mind are the group flight from Miami to Buenos Aires, finding my way from my host family’s apartment to the IFSA-Butler office in the city, and what the orientation will entail.  There isn’t anyone else from UVa participating in this program, so I’m not going in knowing anyone, which is a little nerve-racking.  I’m definitely nervous, but at the same time, so excited for this experience!  I’ll definitely try to post another blog once I’ve started packing and when the actual day gets closer!


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