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Into the West

Today I headed out to western Ireland with the International office at the University of Limerick. Our first stop was the Cliffs of Moher. It was a foggy and rainy day, but the cliffs were still magnificent!
It was incredibly windy and cold, but we still hiked the whole length of the cliff (the part we had access to at least). Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out, so all of my pictures were taken with my video camera (which is why they are blurry). Luckily I can snag other people’s photos off facebook (and I hope to return with either my mom or Brooke).
Next we headed to the Burren. The Burren is a rocky area next to the ocean. Burren literally means great rock in gaelic (or Irish, as it is called here). We only spent 20 minutes there, so there really isn’t much to report.  After that we headed to Ailwee caves. The caves were awesome, but due to the darkness, I could not get any picture :(. It was very slippery, because the rain would seep down into the cave. Since it was raining, the natural waterfalls in the cave were really visible. I recommend going to the caves when it is raining, if you decide to go.
I went to the club and society fair on Monday, and joined a bunch of great clubs. On Thursday, I went to the Kayaking club’s meeting…in the pool! We brough all the kayaks into the olympic sized swimming pool, and just paddled for and hour. I learned to how to evacuate when your kayak flips (good thing, cause it flipped later). It is incredibly fun, and I look forward to kayaking on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I also joined the outdoor pursuits club, and international club. The outdoor pursuits club is going to take us caving and rock climbing. This is a club I am really excited for. They have even gone climbing in the Alps

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