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In Buenos Aires!

I arrived in Buenos Aires on Monday, and it’s been a crazy four days already! My host family is really great… My host mom, Norma, is so nice. We do the traditional right-cheek kiss every time i get home from orientation, and she doesn’t seem to ever get annoyed when I get confused and ask her to repeat things. My host dad, Martin, is a doctor and works three days a week. He’s really great as well. We were actually talking about how I took the subte (metro) home from orientation the other night instead of the colectivo (bus), and he said “That’s my boy!” in English. I was really taken aback, but I was so excited that he referred to me as ‘my boy’.
As for orientation, it’s been really informative, although somewhat boring at times. We’ve gone over everything from safe and unsafe locations in the city to family relations, getting to know portenos, and speaking castellano. I’ve met a lot of new friends, and everything has gone really well :)
Now for the exciting part…
Last night was the first night that I went out, and it was incredible. Night life here in BsAs in amazing! A friend and I met up and took the colectivo to a bar in Recoleta, where we met a bunch of friends from IFSA-Butler. From there, we went to a club in Palermo called La Bruja, where we got a pass for a free drink, and admission was free. The dance floor was packed, strobe lights were everywhere, fans were blowing so that it didn’t get too steamy, and lots of great music was playing (everything from Shakira to David Guetta and the Black Eyed Peas). You can imagine how intense the club scene is being that we left after 4am and it was still going steady… and not only La Bruja, but most of the other clubs around us as well. It was definitely a night I will never forget. I didn’t get home and into bed until 5:30. I can’t wait until it’s the weekend, and how insane it must be during the real crazy nights!


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