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This post is about Heather loving England

Hey Readers!

I know a lot of people blog only about their travels, but I have to say I’m so glad that I’m here, in Lancaster. I am increasingly more glad that I didn’t go to London (because that was a conscious choice for me), though I think it is a great city. I love living in the countryside, and we travel a lot. I have the incredible chance to be involved with a group of kids here who belong to the same church that I do, and they are all local-ish (some of the Uni kids are from other cities, but there is a hefty chunk of people who have lived in Lancaster their whole lives). Anyway, I love where I am, right here. I do love to travel, but I love my little community here.

Trip to Blackpool to visit Show-zam’d, a little carnival:
winter gardens

The coast in Morecambe:

Back alley behind the bus station in Lancaster:
Bus Station Alley

I love BBC News. I’ve been following the news in the Middle East the past few weeks (Go Libya!), and have appreciated it more than all American news channels which I try to avoid.

I love when people try to have me speak with a British Accent. My friends’ favorite thing is to make me say, “I just can’t be bothered!” It’s so honest. In the US, we’d be more inclined to make something up as an excuse (“Oh I can’t reach it”, “I don’t want to wash another dish”, “I might be busy that day”) but the English just tell you they don’t want to do whatever.

So you might think it’s funny to poke fun at British spelling of things, people actually get kind of offended. They are very quick to point out that “you speak ENGLISH. We invented the language.” I was trying it out just as a social experiment, and I think I’m over that one. Yeah, they don’t like it. Another social experiment I tried was asking the boys playing Call of Duty in my flat if they’d ever fired an actual gun as opposed to a gun in a video game. One of them had, during a visit to is sister in America, but the rest had never even touched one (I come from gun-happy Idaho). I think I earned some street cred with them for saying that I’ve been shooting before. And then, just as Andrew an Lynn said, they asked, “Have you shot anyone?” Nice joke. Real original. Hahah.

I’ve had to do my housing application for next fall at GW already, and I am registering for classes in just a few weeks. This makes me sad. I’m not ready to think about being back in GW, and rightly so! I still have 17 weeks left here. Nobody better ask me about it.

We decided this weekend, on the IFSA-Butler Adventure Weekend, that we were 3 degrees removed from reality. Reality is a stereotypical salaried job etc, once removed is Uni, twice removed is studying abroad, and then three times removed was being on vacation. (Wales, as you can seen from the pictures below, was stunning/spectacular by the way. If you’re a future IFSA student, please please please make sure you go. SO much fun. Oran and company did an excellent job planning it all out.)

View from castle ruins in Llanberis, Wales:
View from Llanberis

Coastal view from Llandudno, Wales:
Coastal View

Caernafon Castle, Wales:

Our Next Top Model winner, Wales:



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