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Perdón la interrupción

Between writing about my experiences and experiencing them, I tried to strike a balance. A balance skewed 100% towards experience. My philosophy was to do as much as I could and I would write about it later. This will give me more writing material, more stories to share online and with my friends and family back home. So I’ve passed the last month.

I’ve toured the center of Lima: the Museum of the Inquisition, the catacombs under the Franciscan church, the cathedral of Lima, the Archbishop’s palace, and the Art Museum of Lima; I’ve gone dancing every night of every weekend and even some weekdays; I went to my first Carnaval (photo); I’ve tried most Peruvian foods for a more than agreeable price, and I’ve loved all of them – the fish (ceviche), the potatoes (papas a la huancaina), and fish and potatoes (causa), the Chinese/Peruvian chifa, and all sorts of Pisco-based cocktails.

The list goes on: I moved in with my host family, I started classes, I celebrated my 21st birthday. What I haven’t done, though, is reflect on my experiences.

I don’t write because it is useful, but it does have a utility. It forces this writer to think about what he has done, how those experiences have affected him, and how he would like to go forward. Will he repeat these experiences, or try to go about them differently in the future? Will he change his behavior because of something new he has learned?

Now, the weekend has arrived. And I’m going to use it to catalog a few Peruvian experiences that have changed me. They haven’t changed me for the better or for the worse, and they’ve changed me in ways smaller than large.



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