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This post is about Heather outlining the rest of her time abroad

Hi again Readers!

Just a quick point- I can tell you anything about my specific experiences here in England, but I don’t know if they can be generalized to fit everywhere. So, unless you are going to Lancaster University, be careful about taking my word as standard. And if you are going to Lancaster University, please ask me anything!

Now I’ll just do a quick update on what my plans are. Our Lent term ended last Friday, and my flatmates have been out every night for the past 5 days (I’ve graciously passed on that opportunity). Besides the increase in sunshine and the increase in alcohol related activities, the beginning of Summer term means that all of my lectures, tutorials, and seminars are done. Because of the weird way that Easter fell this year, right now, it’s the first week of the summer term, and the other 9 weeks will be after Easter Break, which is April 2-May 1. Not all places on campus do this, but for my building (The John Creed Building in County College), we get kicked out for break. I have to be completely moved out of my room by April 1, and store all of my stuff elsewhere. Many of my other study abroad friends here at Lancs get to stay in their rooms, they just live in different colleges. I’m not sure why the International Office would allow us to be housed in this building, because unlike my British flatmates, I can’t just pack all my stuff home for the break. I don’t know, some people are just planning on traveling the whole break anyway, so they don’t need the extra four weeks, but paying to store stuff? I’m glad I have good friends!

The first weekend of break I’ll be with my friend Kate from Manchester, at her house. Then I’ll come back to Lancaster Uni and stay in my American friend’s room in County South, which is right in front of my building. I’ll be here for a few days just finishing up my coursework, and then head south to Reading, where my boyfriend lives. I’ll be there for the second weekend, then I’ll head to Paris, where I’m meeting up with some of my friends from GWU who are studying in London. The next day, I get to be with my bestest friend in the whole world (since we were 12), and Meg and I will do a lot of European traveling. We’re doing more in-depth adventuring than a lot of people I’ve spoken to, because we’d rather spend a day in a city than a day on a train. But to each his/her own!

Meg and I will continue to be in France for the third weekend and then we’re heading to Switzerland to visit the church where my parents were married [they had been living in Germany, stationed there with the US Army, and Bern was where the closest LDS temple was located], and then we’re hopping over to Austria where we will be doing the Sound of Music tour. SQUEEEEEE. I’m so excited! Sound of Music is definitely one of my top five favorite movies of all time, and I love the music and the costumes and the accents and the scenery and I’m really really excited for that. In the fourth weekend, Meg and I will fly back to London and we’ll do the really big London touristy thing (though I have done that a few times already, there’s always something new to see, e.g. a Shakespeare play in The Globe!). She’ll then fly home and I’ll go back to Reading in time for me and the bf to drive back to Lancaster together at some point during the bank holiday (yayyy Royal Weddings!).

May 2 is the start of the second week of Summer term. I then must start “revising” (i.e. studying, specifically for exams) because I have exams on 16 May, 24 May, 28 May, and 4 June. Heaven knows I won’t actually spend 2 weeks studying for that first final, but I’m sure I’ll find loads of other things to do. I’m more used to 4-finals-and-a-presentation-within-10-days-of-each-other, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all of my time!

I have a month left in England at that point, which I plan on using to its fullness. My flight home is July 4th, which seems symbolic, but I won’t be glad to be independent from Britain, I’ll be heartbroken to leave.


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