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Some Cultural Differences…

Things I’ve Learned in Australia so Far:

  1. People drive on the left side of the street and their steering wheels are on the right side of the car. Almost got hit once or twice.
  2. It is proper to walk on the left side of the sidewalk.
  3. “Goon” is not a term for an idiot. It’s a term for the cheapest of the cheap boxed wine. Golden Oak is a personal favorite. $10 bucks a box.
  4. Z is pronounced “Zed” and H is sometimes pronounced “Haytch.”
  5. The pound symbol #, is called a “Hash.”
  6. Oregano and Aluminum are pronounced differently. Aluminum is actually spelled Aluminium with an extra “I.”
  7. Cockroaches are much more common here. It’s not uncommon to see them on the sidewalk.
  8. Bats are also common here. At the Midnight Cinema there were many flying overhead.
  9. The toilets DO NOT flush the opposite way. When you flush a toilet here there is a massive dumping of water downward.
  10. Australia is very environmentally friendly, even with toilets. There is one button for number 1 and one for number 2 – saving water!
  11. “How are you doing?” is not a phrase used here. “How are you going?” or “How ya going?” is the equivalent of “How are you doing.” People say “You’re orright”  often and “No worries” is the equivalent of “You’re welcome” and is used in many other instances as well.
  12. “Off my face” means “trashed.”
  13. No one tips waiters or waitresses because  minimum wage is approximately 20 dollars!
  14. Vodka, tequila, etc are all extremely expensive. A decent bottle of tequila is approximately 70 dollars!
  15. “Skulling” means “chugging.”
  16. Netball and Cricket are popular sports here. Netball is essentially basketball without dribbling and is popular for women. Field hockey is popular for men, which is weird considering men don’t play field hockey in the states.
  17. University, depending on your major, typically lasts 3 years here, not 4.
  18. The word “heaps” is used often. It means “a lot” or “very.” Ex. It’s heaps hot out.
  19. There is a wrong way to eat Vegemite. Toast bread, spread butter on the bread, then lightly LIGHTLY apply Vegemite. Do NOT eat it like peanut butter – rookie mistake.
  20. “Cordial” is the equivalent of Kool-Aid.
  21. Orange juice is a preferred beverage.
  22. If you order a “Vodka-Lemonade” you are ordering Vodka with Sprite.


More to come & heaps more to learn!!!



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  1. Anon Says:

    Oooh these cultural differences are so interesting. I’m a freshman that’s planning to study abroad as a junior at the University of Sydney. I look forward to your blog posts.

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