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These past two weeks have been insane! I can’t even begin to express how lucky I feel to be here sometimes. This past week was such an adventure. It started on  Tuesday. I had to meet up with my Contemporary Indigenous Art class at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in The Domain – a part of the city near Circular Quay which houses the Botanical Gardens and the Art Gallery. We had a guided tour of the Yiribana Gallery, which is the section of the gallery that focuses on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art. It was absolutely amazing. I learned a lot about the art of many Aboriginal artists such as Lin Onus, Rusty Peters, and Judy Watson.

Here the virtual gallery


Later that night, I went to see The Barber of Seville at the Sydney Opera House with a few of my friends. It was absolutely spectacular. Everything – the set, the opera itself, the singing – was fantastic. Sitting there, it was hard to believe that I was seeing a performance in the world renowned Opera House! It was surreal.


Here is a photo of the Opera from the internet (since photography is prohibited):

the-barber-of-seville-420x0 barber 2


On Friday things started to kick up again. I went to Coogee beach with my friends and then we did the Coogee to Bondi walk which takes you up the coast. You walk along the coast and hop from beach to beach. It was the perfect day for the trip because it was hot but not smoldering and I was able to capture some pretty great shots.


australia-land-239 australia-land-199 beach walk 3 australia-land-150 beach walk 2 beach walk 3 beach walk australia-land-255 coogee to bondi photo me


After arriving back home, my friends and I went to King Street in Newtown. This street is home to many little boutiques, restaurants, bars and pubs. If there was an equivalent in America, it would be Brooklyn. Very hip and trendy.


On Saturday my friends and I headed to Luna Park. We walked over the Sydney Harbor Bridge and went to the amusement park which sits underneath the bridge in North Sydney. It was a lot of fun. Although the park has no huge roller coasters, the rides were still very thrilling and we got the best view of the city from the top of a ferris wheel! There were clowns and people walking on stilts and overall, the four of us, (20 and 21 year olds) were like little kids in paradise. (Fun Fact: They refer to Cotton Candy as Fairy Floss). How cute is that?


After Luna Park we headed back over the bridge and went to the raved-about Pancakes on the Rocks. I had a Monte Cristo Crepe. It was absolutely delicious. One of my friends chose to have a sweet dish rather than a savory one and it was also scrumptious.

Then we came back and headed out to King Street. No surprise there.

Well, today is Sunday and it’s a homework day so… well, that’s no fun to talk about. I’ll update more tomorrow about my trip to the Blue Mountains and what I ate at the Australian Hotel.




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