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So Basically…Belfast

I just got back from the Northern Ireland trip, and had the time of my life. The first day we set out to the Carrick-a Rede bridge. Not only was the coast line gorgeous, but we got to cross an actual rope bridge over the water. Me and my friends were the last ones over, so we got to spend extra time taking photos crossing the bridge. Lets just say we got creative :p
Me falling while crossing the bridge
Me being a Flamingo while crossing the bridge


Photo 3:Here are me and a few friends after crossing the bridge.

We actually spent so much time taking photos that we almost missed the bus back. oops

After the bridge, we got back on the bus and headed over to Dunluce castle. The castle was abandoned after the kitchen fell into the sea (due to erosion and all that jazz). Below is a picture of my friend Ashleigh saving me as I reenact the kitchen falling.

The castle was great for taking photos! You could walk up into the towers, climb into the windows and everything. Unfortunately we only spent 20 minutes here, and were not able to go underneath the castle (there is a path).
After Dunluce Castle we went to Giant’s causeway. If you love rock scrambling, this is the place to go!
It was raining, which made walking on the rocks even harder. There is no easy way to describe Giants Causeway, so I am just gonna put in a bunch of pictures :)


Ashleigh, Chris and I climbing the rocks. It was a lot harder than it looks. This picture does not show how far we actually climbed.

The IFSA-Butler Clan on top of the rocks

A lot of rocks…
I also took an video of the waves coming in. Unfortunately I got too close…
Due to all the rain, by the time we left Giants Causeway we were soaked. Also, the last bus up to the top was full, so we had to walk 20 minutes up the large hill. This is not fun when you are wearing wet jeans (heck, I don’t think it would be fun with dry jeans either).
On Sunday we toured Belfast city. We took a Black Taxi tour, which talked about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and showed us all the murals painted in the city.
Above are pictures painted in a West Belfast neighborhood. No matter where you stand, the man is always pointing the gun at you (its an illusion). We also saw the Peace wall in Belfast. The peace wall is a wall requested by the citizens of Belfast, to separate the Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods :(
The peace wall is covered in signatures and quotes, and I made sure to leave my mark.
Below is a picture of the graffiti on the peace wall
After the Black Taxi tour, I was able to meet up with some family friends! We spent the day shopping around Victoria’s square, and catching up. It was loads of fun, and I hope to make it up to Belfast to visit again!
At night, me and some friends went to a real Irish pub, for some live Irish music and dancing. One guy who was a little drunk, pulled me and my friends up from our table, and made us dance. It was tons of fun, and crazy drunk guy will always have a place in our hearts (we don’t know his name…).
Overall, the Northern Ireland trip was a huge success, and I must say, that I have fallen in love with Belfast

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