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That is a load of Blarney

So the weekend of the 23 of February, a few of my friends and I wandered down to Cork (about a two hour bus ride from Limerick). We arrived late Friday night, and instead of going out on the town, we decided to get sundae’s at Eddy Rockets, and go to sleep early.

My friend Dan, and I waiting for our Sundae’s

We woke up the next morning around 9, and decided to try and walk into town (our hotel was by the airport, a few miles from town). The map showed it being pretty straight forward, so we didn’t think it would be a problem. Plus we would save 9 dollars on a cab fare. We packed all our gear for the day into our little backpacks and purses (including clothes to change into for the Cork nightlife!). We were correct in that it was a relatively straight forward walk, however, the signs were not very well labeled for pedestrians (Rightly so, I would think that not many people walk to town from the airport…). We followed car signs, and ended up on the Irish version of the highway. We finally made it to a bus stop…two hours later, and the nice bus driver took pity on us, and drove us to the bus station (to catch a bus to Blarney) for free.

We finally made it to Blarney castle around 1, four hours after we started out. I must say, it was the most fun being lost I have ever had. It was an adventure in itself, and we spent about half the time laughing our butts off.

Blarney was awesome, the castle is huge and has so many hidden rooms and caves. We started out by going under the castle, into some sort of cave. It was really small, so we had to literally crawl through. It was really dark at the end, and the only way we could see was by taking pictures! Next we headed up into the castle, and started looking at all the rooms. This castle was once quite a mansion. The view from all of the rooms was absolutely gorgeous! Finally we made it to the top, where we got to kiss the blarney stone (which would give us the gift of gab!).

Me kissing the stone. They purposely have someone in the way of your picture, so you will buy the nice quality one taken from the other side.

After kissing the stone, we wandered around the castle grounds. They had a lot of beautiful waterfalls, and giant rocks and trees to climb!

After touring around Blarney for two hours, we headed back into city center and walked around Cork for a bit. We met up with a friend who is from Cork, and he and his friends showed us around and hung out with us at the pub. We ended up getting back to the hotel around 1 am, 17 hours after we had left! The next morning we got up at 9, and caught our bus back to Limerick.


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