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Gallavanting in Glendalough

Well after a two week break, I am ready to blog again! Two weekends ago I went with the OPC to Glendalough (the Wicklow Mountains). On Friday night we embarked on a 3 hour bus ride to the hostel. As soon as the bus pulled away, people started partying! All the study abroad students were really surprised, but it was quite fun to watch! About two hours in, we stopped at Lidl to stock up on food for the weekend. It was about 20 minutes before it was supposed to close, so the workers were not very happy to see three coach buses full of hungry students.

The food me and my friends bought for the weekend
We arrived at the hostel around 9 pm, and began the arduous task of figuring out rooms. I ended up with my two friends, Maddie and Sarah, a girl I met caving and her friend, and Maddie’s flat mate. Over the course of the weekend we got to be good friends, and had a great time! On Saturday, we awoke around 8 and split up into groups. You could either go on a hike, or take a bus tour around Glendalough. I opted for the hike, while my friends all chose the tour (boo having to make new friends :p). Luckily my two roommates (from caving) went on the hike as well, so at least I knew someone!). After the tour bus left, the hikers were split into another two groups, a hard hike (you needed hiking boots) and an easier one. Since I had just bought some new hiking boots, I opted for the hard hike. The first leg of the hike was the hardest. We literally were climbing up at 50% grade incline. I must admit, for the first hour or so, I regretted choosing the hard hike. Once we actually got up the mountain, the hike got a little easier, and much more relaxing. As we were walking along the top of the mountain, I couldn’t help think of the Sound of Music and “Climb Every Mountain”. I swear we were actually in the movie! I shared this thought with a few others, but clearly they were not as excited as I was…

Picture taken from the top of the mountain. The lake is where the hike started and ended.
At the top of the mountain we took a variety of group pictures, including the Creeper photo!

After the hike we had a bit of free time, and then we had a giant party! It was a lot of fun. We sang karaoke (Sarah and I did an amazing rendition of Living on a Prayer), danced, and then headed out to the nearby pub around 12. The next day we had a later start, packed up and loaded the bus, and then went on a short walk around the lake. We walked through an old church and graveyard, and then headed to the chipper (fry place) up the road for lunch.

The graveyard by the hostel. Thanks to Sarah Eberle for spotting this great shot!
All in all, the trip was a great success, with plenty of great sights and lots of new friends! However, I was very happy to get back to my own bed and shower, as the one’s in the hostel were sub par.

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