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You Say Spring Break, I Say LIAR!

Okay, so my title is a little dramatic, but come on! I’ve already written and turned in one insanely difficult paper this week! (Fine, so it was difficult because I had to use words like microcephaly and morphological about fifty times, but still–you try writing a paper about Homo floresiensis. Yeah. I bet you don’t even know what that is.) And now I’ve got a midterm on Monday and I’m pretty sure I have another test or paper coming up, but I’m too worn out by the first paper to even think about doing anything about it. The nice thing about break in the states is that we don’t have any work. Here, break means get your ass in the library and do your assessments. Evil Australians…

But other than those minor vacation snafus, my break is great. The weather has been surprisingly cooperative, and I’ve spent many a day lounging outside and going to the beach and the lagoon in Cairns. Now that I have my bike (I’ve named him Balto, because I have an obsession with naming all of my vehicles. Maybe it’s because they become like pets to me when I’m away from home), I can explore more.

As for the things that happened before spring break but I haven’t mentioned yet because my attention span is short and I need dinner, I had a very busy weekend two weeks ago. For starters, I had that project for my indigenous class that had a whole bunch of things go wrong, like three out of the five group members bailing (one bailed on the day of the presentation). But me and my partner were the only ones who really had a clue what we were doing anyway, so it’s probably better that everyone else disappeared like they did. Friday and Saturday were taken up with going to the Tjapukai park to get info for our presentation, and Saturday was my class from 9-4:30. Long, long day, but at least they gave us cookies and coffee.

On Sunday I went on a Walkabout Club trip to the highlands, and let me be the first to say that you can actually be cold in Australia. I didn’t know it until we got to the tablelands, but the humidity just disappeared, and the landscape was gorgeous–so different from tropical Australia. First we went to Lake Eacham National Park, and got to walk around and/or swim in the top of an old volcanic crater. Then we went and checked out the Curtain Fig Tree, which I’d actually heard of before I came to Australia. Apparently it’s one of the most photographed trees in the world, and I can see why. It kills all the other trees nearby, and looks cool doing it.

Next was swimming at Milla Milla Waterfall, and that water was freezing. Not to mention that once we finally got our limbs moving enough to get behind the waterfall, the spray made it difficult to see, and the water got even colder. Walking behind a waterfall is on my bucket list, though, so I got to cross that one off! Granted, my walking was more like hobbling and trying not to slip on the rocks, but it counts. Our last stop after getting lunch at a pub was going to the Johnstone River Crocodile & Native Wildlife Farm, where I made friends with a cockatoo, got to hold a python and baby kangaroo, pat a dingo, fed kangaroos, saw some cassowaries, and watched massive crocodiles during feeding time. The trip was definitely worthwhile, and I can’t wait till I go to Magnetic Island for Easter Break through the Walkabout Club. That’ll be my real spring break.


Check It Out!

1. The Atherton Tablelands (Gorgeous contrast to the tropics. Makes you feel like you’re back home, unless you live somewhere tropical in the first place, in which case why are you in Cairns?)

2. Bikes (Get a bike. Don’t argue. You want one, it’ll make getting around so much easier, and Cairns is relatively flat so your legs will only hurt after a while of biking. If you come to a hill, just don’t go up it.)

3. The Lagoon (A big pool on the esplanade in Cairns. You swim and get to look at the ocean at the same time, without worrying that you’re going to get stung by a jelly.)


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  1. Jen Jen Says:

    Chris says you can’t name your bike cause it doesn’t have a motor. And the fact you’ll be selling it before you come home. That’s just cruel.
    I looooove lagoons. There were a couple in Hawaii we went to and they were the only water I would go in.

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