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Becoming a World Traveler: From London to Italia

I always think that when I am out of classes I’ll have more time, but somehow I still manage to lose track of time. April has certainly been keeping me busy that’s for sure. I just got back from my trip to Italy, I have 4 essays due in the beginning of May, and my family arrives tomorrow for a week of London fun. I think part of the problem is that I am definitely still in vacation mode. But I am determined to get back on track, so here goes the catch up blog.

Italy was fantastic fun; I’m still smiling about it. It was exhausting, but I managed to conquer Rome, Venice, and Florence all in about a week (8 days).  Not alone of course, I was joined in this venture by a friend from home who is currently studying in Edinburgh.  She came down to London for a long weekend and we hit a bunch of touristy places along with my aunt who happened to also be in London at the same time. It was very busy, but a lot of fun and it was nice seeing some familiar faces. I even finally made it down to the Globe to see what it looked like. Next step—seeing Shakespeare performed there.

After our long weekend in London, my friend and I took a plane to Rome for a couple days and then a train to Venice and after a couple nights we took another train to Florence where we spent the remainder of our trip together. It was a lot of traveling, but it was definitely worth it. There were beautiful things to see everywhere in Italy and the weather was fantastic (though I was forced to spend 11 euros on sunblock, but such is the peril of fair skin in a sunny country). Although everywhere we went was beautiful and fun, Venice was probably my favorite place. Partly this was because I knew it was somewhere my boyfriend at home really wanted to visit, but mostly it was because it was just beautiful and calm there. Even though it was a busy city, the lack of vehicles combined with the water everywhere gave it a great atmosphere. We visited a couple of the islands while we were there and Burano was breathtaking. I wanted to spend the rest of my trip there. Alas, my train and hostel to and in Florence were already booked. But it was worth leaving for the view from the Campanile in the center of Florence and the wonderful scenery in Tuscany that I saw on a tour we took outside the city one day.  I definitely could have stayed in Italy much much longer, but knowing I was going back to London wasn’t too bad a feeling. I did miss it here. Although, I miss some of the food in Italy (We found a fantastic pizza place in Venice and the best pasta dishes in Florence. Let me know if you want recommendations). I’ve been eating school food and pasta since I got back (trying to salvage my budget lol).

The past week I’ve been slowly doing work on my essays (very very slowly), nothing really exciting there. I’m looking forward to the upcoming week with my parents, but I know that I’ll end up having to do some work because of my lack of progress this past week. Oh well. C’est la vie. I’m practicing my French for my family’s visit to Paris next weekend. So excited!





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