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My Failed Attempt at Crashing the Royal Wedding

Okay, so I didn’t really try to crash the wedding, getting arrested in London would not look good on my grad school applications. However that title was much more interesting than “How I Tried and Failed to Get a Glimpse of Prince William of Cambridge and Wife as They Traveled From Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace or as They Kissed on the Balcony.” Much too wordy. I completely take responsibility for this failure though; I skipped all the planning and researching save for looking up where the processional route was and what time everything was going down. In my defense, before last night I wasn’t planning on trying to get a glimpse at all. But then everyone kept asking and I started to feel guilty for not trying, so I got up this morning with a plan to see if I couldn’t catch a glimpse of the couple after the ceremony. I certainly wasn’t going to get up at dawn or camp out all night to see the Prince and Queen on their way to the ceremony. Way too early, plus I was on my own and being alone when it’s still dark out is not a safe way to go.

Anyway, I woke up around 9:30 and watched everything leading up to the ceremony on bbc online while I was getting dressed. So I got to see Kate’s (Although I guess she’s supposed to be Catherine now) dress which I thought was beautiful, though I’m just a sucker for lace. Although I wasn’t crazy about the veil, but I think that may just be a veil thing in general. It’s really weird being able to mostly see someone’s face, but not completely. Regardless, it was very nice and I very much enjoyed seeing how all the other ladies were dressed before her. I really want a crazy hat. Sadly, I have no occasion to wear one. Anyway, I watched the vow exchange, but then decided I should get going since I didn’t wan’t to deal with the crowds of the underground and it takes about a half hour to walk to the palace from my dorm. Little did I know that my route would be completely blocked. The downside of trying to go to an event in a city that you feel familiar with is that you don’t try to look up routes, especially when you’ve walked there before. However, this was probably my biggest mistake.  The road I usually take to the Mall (the road leading up to Buckingham) was closed and then when I tried to go through Green Park that was closed too! So frustrating! And the entire time I’m surrounded by all types of confused people, mostly tourists, trying to get to the palace. Eventually I realized I should have headed toward Trafalgar Square and tried to get over somewhere on my way there, but at that point I was already near Hyde Park. Disaster. Made worse by the fact that I almost got hit in the face numerous times by red and blue flags. But it wasn’t all bad. I was entertained by the people trying to stand on the edge of Green Park and look through (I’m pretty sure the park is too wide and full of trees to make this useful) and a few were even climbing over the temporary walls or fences to sneak in. I’m pretty sure most of them got caught though. There was definitely an increased police and security presence.

So I didn’t get to see the couple kiss on the balcony (though I watched a clip when I got back) and I missed the flyby by the British airforce (I know Andrew would have liked that), but at least I tried and even if it’s not a great story at least it’s a memory I was only able to make because of my study abroad decision. And I’m not convinced I would have seen anything on BBC if I had stayed because the website had crashed by the time I got back (you’d think they would have been better prepared for the increased traffic, but I’m no tech expert. Prepping is probably more difficult than I think it is.) Well that’s really all. Being the party animal that I am, I’m staying in for the night and working on my final essays rather than celebrating the marriage. Guess I haven’t become very British in my time here, but there’s still a month left for me to pick up a few more traits before I return home.






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