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Mitai Hangi in Rotorua

While on the North Island, Melissa and I went to a hangi, which is a dinner prepared in the Maori style of cooking.  A pile of wood is set on fire in a hole in the ground, with stones set on top of them.  Once the wood is completely burned water is dumped on the hot stones, and baskets of food are placed on top.  The heat and steam are trapped by a wet burlap-like covering for about 3 hours, which slowly cooks the food.  Our hangi included chicken, lamb, and kumera (similar to a sweet potato).  There was also a buffet of salads and sides, as well as dessert!  Unfortunately BOTH my cameras ran out of battery before the food was served.  But I did get a good video of the culture performance they put on before dinner, including the traditional haka.

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