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One month left in Oz

I am officially leaving Australia in exactly one month from today. Didn’t I just get here? How is there already a countdown until I leave? I don’t like this at all.

When I last wrote, I was off to Thailand. If you’re coming to Australia, Thailand is a MUST. It’s not as close as you’d think – if you’re lucky enough to score a direct flight, it’s around 9 hours long, and will cost you close to $1,000. But if you’re looking for an incredible spring break or a trip for in-between finals, Thailand is it.

Since we’ve been back, Australia is kind of cold :( When people told me I would be here in the winter, I assumed I’d still be walking around in tank tops and flip flops. WRONG! I had to have my mom ship me sweaters and boots, and I had to buy myself a jacket. It’s nothing like winter in New Jersey, that’s for sure, but I miss the beach!

The next month will be entirely dedicated to finishing my Australian Bucket List. But more on that later :)


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