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Would you like some Haggis with that?

´╗┐On the weekend of March 5, my friends and I headed to Edinburgh, Scotland! We caught a bus to Dublin at 1 am on Saturday, and our flight left at 6:30.

Me and my super-cool passport pouch. Needless to say, I am the epitome of cool ­čśÇ
We arrived in Edinburgh around 9, but could not check into our hostel until 1 (they did give us a locker for our bags though!). No naps for us! We found a nice cafe and had breakfast and some much needed coffee. Then we walked around the city center for most of the day. We found some crazy shops (my friend Maddie bought an eggplant sweater!!), and a few secondhand shops. We spent about an hour in the one secondhand shop just looking at all of the books they had (we found an English Harry Potter book!). Then we wandered to a nearby cemetary, and saw the infamous Grayfriars Bobby. The name sounded familiar, but we could not for the life of us remember who Grayfriar Bobby was! Outside the cemetary was a statue of a dog that everyone was taking pictures next to. It was then that we realized that Grayfriar Bobby was a dog (who sat by his masters grave for 9 years!).


Me and Faithful Grayfriars Bobby!
´╗┐At┬á1 we were finally able to check into our hostel and take a quick nap. Around 5, we got dinner and then walked┬áaround the city some more. At night, we headed out to a bar called Rush bar, which had really┬ácheap drinks! Maddie┬áand┬áI were really tired and wanted to head back to the┬áhostel around 11, but were convinced to┬ágo to one more club (you are only in Scotland once!). About 10┬áeuro’s later, we are even more tired, and hungry! Luckily, Maddie and┬áI spotted a Subway. Never have I been so happy to eat at a subway. The workers were really nice, and drew a map on a napkin of how to get┬áback to our hostel (I think they were relieved to have someone who was┬ánot drunk to talk to!). Maddie and I headed back, while the others stayed out for a little while longer (it only ended up being┬á30 minutes). Somehow, Maddie and I found our way back without having to pay for a cab!! We easily fell asleep. At 9 the next morning, Maddie and I woke up, ate breakfast and headed to Arthurs seat in Holyrood park. It was about a 2 hour hike to the top (with lots of photo breaks), but wasn’t too difficult (we got passed by a lot of┬álittle kids).┬áThe view was spectacular! We spent at least half an hour at the top just taking pictures and enjoying the sites.
Me at the summit
The path to the top
Maddie and I at the top of Arthurs seat


Edinburgh Castle!


´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐After we climbed down Arthurs seat, we caught up with Ariel, and forced the guys to get out of bed. We headed over to Edinburgh castle to explore. Edinburgh castle is seating on a sort of cliff/hill in the middle of the city and is HUGE. It is a great way to get your bearings in the city (just remember which side of the castle you are on!). We spent about two hours just wandering around the castle.


The castle


Maddie and I had a game where we would ambush each other’s photos

At night, we decided to take a ghost tour throught the South vaults under the city. They had plenty of gory stories about brutal hangings and ghost sightings. The tour guide was really good, even though the stories were more gruesome than scary. Going into the vaults under the city was cool though!´╗┐´╗┐

Our tour guide, Emma
Maddie and I in the vaults. We don’t look too scared!

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