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The End

Yup. I’m home again. But before I get into how I’m adjusting, I’ll mention a few things I did before I left.

I spent my last couple days hanging out with my friends, living it up at Velvet Underground, and having a fun bonfire on the beach at night. I knelt on some coals, so I’ve got a nice scar as a memory of that night. It was an interesting feeling, knowing I was returning to somewhere with no beaches, let alone ones that were so easily accessible I could pop over literally whenever I wanted. Sitting on the edge of a country has a way of making you feel insignificant, and I know I won’t get to feel that way for a long time.

My last evening in Cairns I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go to sleep, so I hung out in my friend’s room for the entire night until 3:30 rolled around and I knew I’d have to go meet the SunPalm to pick me up. The goodbyes were hard. I knew they’d be, but it didn’t help at all. A lot of my classmates were leaving on the same flight, and gradually as we took more and more flights the group dwindled until I was traveling to Boston with just one other girl I knew. It helped pass the time having someone to chat with.

Seeing my family was great, but the whole experience of being back home is still very strange and nostalgic. I sort of feel like I don’t belong here, and I find myself wanting to refer to Cairns as home. But I know that feeling will fade, because I’m already getting back into the groove of things here. It’ll take time, and I’ve got plenty of it. But I definitely hope I can go back to Cairns someday, and I’ll definitely bring my family with me. They should experience the awesomeness that is Australia too.


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