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This post is about Heather’s summer term at Lancaster

Summer term meant I had 1 week of “revision sessions” where the teachers did a recap of the course and outlined what we would be tested on. After that, I had a solid 2 weeks to revise, and then sat exams on 16 May, 24 May, 28 May, and 4 June. In the midst of all of this, my boyfriend was having some family difficulties and so he invited me to drive back to Reading with him. After returning from my trip to Europe I stopped feeling like I was studying abroad, and more like I was just visiting. The experiences I had from that point on felt more like I was just living here, like I was part of this place.

His family had a spare ticket to go see Reading FC at Wembley, which I enthusiastically grabbed! We had so much fun (even though Reading lost, and thus didn’t get promoted)


We visited a friend and toured Southport

We enjoyed the scenery in Williamson Park (Lancaster)
Williamson Park tree

Ashton Memorial

We enjoyed the Thames River in little villages around Reading
Thames River in Reading

Please go to the Oxford Natural History Museum, and the Pitts Rivers Museum! It was sooo cool (and free entry!)
Oxford Museum

And then my fairytale study abroad experience ended with a bang- I got engaged!!!!!
Aaron and Heather

Chorley temple

The Ring!

So the next adventure will be to finish my Senior year at GW and then move back to England next summer, and we’ll get married! This has been such a trip, and I have no regrets about coming to England, about studying abroad. I am oh so very excited to have an excuse to be here for the rest of my life! (Also, just a disclaimer, I would have absolutely adored my time here even if I didn’t meet my future husband!) Expect one more blog out of me about being home, and my feelings.



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