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On the Way

So the big adventure is about to begin, 4 days until departure!! Summer went by so fast, maybe because I’ve been waiting in such anticipation for New Zealand. I’m just beginning packing and getting the last details worked out such as do I bring just one checked bag or pay the extra and go with two. I am just a jumble of emotions: excited, nervous, ecstatic, stressed, a little scared, and just about anything else you can think of. More than anything though I am excited for this huge experience ahead to be able to grow, learn, change, make some amazing memories to add to this life I’m the creator of, and well to do some good old living and loving of life!


Of course as you can expect there are many, many questions on my mind and lots of pondering that is occurring. I have never been out of the United States, not even to Mexico or Canada both of which I am a days drive away from either at home or school. So lots of questions and discovering of answers await, such as what to expect at customs, how are Americans viewed abroad, how hard is it going to be to understand the accent, or what new words do I get to learn the meaning of. Through the many of questions though I plan to jump in with two feet and experience as much as I possibly can. So plan on finding some interesting stories here soon :)



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