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“Predeparture” post


This post is intended to be the predeparture post, and it technically is.

Initially, Kayley and I were going to be on the flight that leaves Newark Airport at 5:15PM, July 8th. However, after plenty of delays and ultimately a cancellation, luck had decided to find some friends besides us. Currently, we are in a motel room, with my dad who has driven us here and had the patience, kindness, and excellent foresight to stay the whole time we were waiting to board the plane, which never came.

Not everything is unfortunate, though. A very kind worker at the airport was able to find us a flight from Newark to the airport in Liberia (with a layover in Houston, Texas). This saves us the trouble of having to handle transportation from Alajuela to Liberia by taxi and bus, at least. Our flight will leave (hopefully) at 1:40PM tomorrow and arrive in Liberia at 7:45PM. And hopefully, we will be on it!


Packing for Costa Rica was new. Neither Kayley nor I ever had to pack for such a long journey, so we naturally encountered some difficulties.


But now, we just have to wait until the morning to really begin our trip!


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