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Slan Go Foill

So I have been back from Ireland for a little over a month, and I
miss it terribly. It seems that everywhere I look there is something that
reminds me of Ireland or the other countries I visited. Just walking through
the bookstore yesterday, I accidentally came across at least three books on
Ireland (and I was not even looking!) While yearning for Ireland can be
depressing at times, for the most part I find that whenever I think of Ireland,
I think of all the wonderful memories I have made. I will sometimes break out
laughing over a funny memory I have had, except I will be at the dinner table
or the mall or work, and nobody will have a clue what I am laughing at. I also
seem to be constantly planning “my next European adventure”, thinking
about all the places I want to revisit (Greece, Germany) and all the places I
want to see that I did not get a chance to (Sweden, Norway, Turkey). Overall, I
have to say studying abroad has been one of the best experiences of my life. I
have seen places I never thought I would see, and have made lifelong friends
faster than I ever thought I could. If anyone reading this is ambivalent about
studying abroad, I would whole heartedly encourage you to go. It may be a
little scary thinking about going to another country without any one you know,
but you have to realize that everyone else is in the exact same position that
you are. I have honestly made some of the best friends in Ireland, and I would
not change anything about my trip if I could. I wish any future travelers the
best of luck, and hope that everyone else’s journeys are as wonderful and
fulfilling as mine have been!


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