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Dear Readers,

This will be my last blog post here. I blogged about my nervousness pre-departure, then explored London during orientation, settled into Lancaster, traveled to Scotland with American friends, then to Blackpool and Morecambe with English friends, and Wales for IFSA-Butler’s Adventure Weekend , I got down to business about my courses, told you my plans for the Easter holidays, then took loads of pictures in England, France, Switzerland, and Austria, enjoyed some local-ish activities and places, including Oxford, Reading, Chorley, and the Championship playoffs at Wembley. Oh yeah and then I got engaged.

Now, I’m back in Washington, DC, working for the summer in the School of Business and then starting my Senior year in the fall. The reverse culture shock? Well it’s there, but I know it’s not as bad as it could be. Knowing that I’ll be back there in a year, when I get married next summer, and living there for a very long time, it makes the seperation from that beautiful country not as hard. The seperation from my fiance? Well, that is hard but I use Skype now more than ever.

I was glad to walk into a grocery store and see all of the brands that I know and love. I’ve had a few minor panic attacks about what side of the road cars should drive down. Overall, I’m glad that I didn’t have to come straight back to school after study abroad because I like this little adjustment period. I also like that I’m busy working now because it gives me enough to do so I’m not pining away for England. I’ll start my Senior year with enough energy to get through with good grades, but I know that it’ll be harder than ever to stay focused (YAY senioritis!). I will always love the past 6 months.

Anyway, for the last time dear readers,


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